Tim Weske's Swordplay Fencing & Fitness Studio

Combat for Film, TV and Stage

The greatest Swordmasters of cinema history have also been competitive fencers and coaches. Fred Cavins, Ralph Faulkner, Robert "Bob" Anderson and William "Bill" Hobbs. Not everyone can mix competition fencing with theatrical combat. Tim Weske is able to make that transition just like the great swordmasters before him. Beware the person who tells you that competitive fencing has nothing to do with theatrical combat. Or people that teach theatrical combat and don't fence.

Tim Weske has been choreographing sword and hand-to-hand fight sequences for film, television & stage for 30 years.  He has trained thousands of people and choreographed thousands of fights.  Along with being in constant training for all those years, Tim is the owner and operator of Swordplay Studio, located in Burbank CA, established in 1992.

List of celebrities Tim has personally trained include:  Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman & Sir Ben Kingsley.

Shows Tim has coordinated appear on television weekly.

Shows Tim has choreographed fight sequences for include: "I Love You, Man" "Master & Commander", "Dollhouse" & "Angel".

See Tim's full resume, references & reel at timweske.com

Tim has developed a training methed that is unlike anyone elses.  It moves the body instead of just banging swords.  It's emphisis is on safety, while allowing the fights to flow, and it makes choreography easy to memorise.

Classes include:

  • Private and semi private lessons.
  • On set training and choreography.
  • Group seminars (in and outside Los Angeles)

Class Times

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Drop In Class - $20.00 per class. Mixed levels. Attend when your schedule permits.

Discounted Private Lesson Package:

5 hour-long private lessons for only $200!

Learn the system trusted to train Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock and many more! Work with a Tim Weske trained instructor for the first 4 lessons, students will be taught timing, balance, footwork, focus, attacks and defense all while learning a choreographed fight! On the 5th lesson Tim will join to critique and co-teach!


Weske trains on location or at his private studio. He trains and choreographs in ALL weapons and from one-on-one duels to full scale battles. Students will be taught timing, balance, footwork, focus, attacks and defense as it pertains to theatrical swordplay.

Tim Weske has adapted to a diverse history of technique with the contemporary demands of today's film/television & theater industries. Swordplay's Film & Stage Combat program focuses not only on practical technique, but also serves as a foundation for creating and applying your own. Whether you're an actor, choreographer, director or "hobbyist", this unique program will condition your senses and broaden your abilities.