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The Fencing FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about fencing is in here. Great resource for beginners trying to learn more about the sport.

Randall's Fencing Links
Information about fencing and links to numerous other fencing FAQ's and sites.

Hollywood Actors Combat Academy
Students who participate in these courses will walk away with not only knowledge of the practical side of fighting, but also the knowledge of how it works and feels in a filming situation.

Fantasy Women BattlesFantasy Women Battles
A competition between 16 beautiful women that fight to the death!

Swordplay for Shakespeare
Pre-choreographed fight sequences for 8 of Shakespeare's most performed plays. These training DVDs also translate to ALL plays that require fighting.

Action Events LA
Professional adult entertainers, movie quality costumes and an expertly trained staff who can customize a unique and engaging show for your next event.

Action Adventure Camp and School Enrichment
Programs that are structured to get the kids learning, and having fun doing it. A superb option for parents looking for sports day camps.

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For information about fencing in our Burbank studio or any of our other programs, call or email us.

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