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Fencing Fitness and Wellness

With technology becoming such a large part of our lives it is becoming harder to stay fit. And not just in adults, this is happening more and more with kids.

Staying in Shape
Fencing allows us to stay in shape physically while including our brain in the workout. All this and you're having a great time doing it!!

The Third Dimension
Our muscles work in three directions. Fencing works the third dimension that we do not use often in our day to day lives. Even working out at the gym doesn’t hit this third level.

As we grow older muscles start to weaken and the ones that aren't used as much start to go first. This results in physical problems in joints and back problems as the muscles weaken. The exercise of fencing strengthens and stretches these muscles so they can stay active and strong as we age.

Technology is keeping kids from developing these muscles as well. Fencing not only will help develop and strengthen the muscles, but it will also help children to understand the importance of exercise early in life.

Fencing will strengthen muscles in people of all ages.

You will be sore after your lesson. This happens to everyone and it is a good thing. The soreness tells you that your muscles are being worked and strengthened. Children may not understand the soreness and may not want to return because they don’t like how it feels. You can assure them that the soreness will go away as they get stronger. They may not understand that it is a good thing for them.

Fencing For Life
Along with getting stronger and developing and maintaining muscles you will also be developing a skill that you can practice for the rest of your life.

Martial Arts
Fencing is called “western martial arts” because the easter martial arts philosophy is the same. Ballet also was created from fencing so it is easy to understand the flexibility and strength that fencing offers.

Being Consistent
To make it work, like anything else, you must be consistent and take it slow.
Physical Wellness of fencing:

  • Great posture. Helping correct spine alignment
  • Keeping and developing strong and flexible joints i.e. knees
  • Muscle building in all 3 directions
  • Joint strengthening emphasis
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Reaction time
  • Developing coordination
  • Developing reflexes
  • Major cardiovascular workout
  • Stamina

Mental Wellness:

  • Kids will start to understand the importance of fitness
  • Greater understanding of focus, discipline and respect
  • Work ethics
  • Problem solving
  • Concentration
  • Less is more
  • Patience
  • Learning that fitness can be fun
  • Spatial awareness
  • Physical listening