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Class and Lesson Pricing

Mandatory Monthly Dues

With your dues you get use of the studio and equipment during normal business hours.
"Strip Time", a bout with others, makes you a better fencer, and we encourage it.

$110.00 Unlimited class dues
$ 90.00 Unlimited class "Buddy Discount" dues.
$ 60.00 Standard "Non Class" Dues. includes everything except classes
$ 40.00 Standard "Non Class" Buddy Discount Dues. (normally used for semi private lessons)

Private Fencing Lessons

$22.00 per each half hour lesson
$30.00 per each half hour competition lesson
$34.00 per each half hour Semi Private lesson (Two students $17 each)

Beginners First Time Out

We suggest that a student take one on one, OR semi private instruction before starting group classes. This will allow the student to get a better idea of what is going on, before jumping in with a group that has more experience. Although it is hard to say when you will feel ready to get in with a group, we suggest at least four private lessons to start and re-evaluate when they are done.

This discounted price can be used one time only.

$110.00 beginner discount-Includes 4 one on one private lessons and first months dues

Competition Classes

A one and one half out class where students train for competition (even if you don't want to compete) A great physical and mental workout.

$41.25 cost for each class you attend.

Training Class

The ”Training Class” is 2 1/2 hours long. Each 30 minutes is $12.50. You can go to this class as long as you would like, just pay for the time you are there. The class will be structured so that the student is constantly involved. Fencing exercises and drills, physical work out and discipline, and of course, lots of electric fencing overcalls. Instructor will coach each student during the course of the class.

Stage and Film Combat

Is also included in the monthly membership dues. Both weekly Combat classes are “Drop in classes. That means that they are not an ongoing class, but rather people of all skill levels can be in the class at any time.

Learn Tim Weske’s system of movement as it pertains to combat for film and stage.

See Tim Weske’s resume at: www.fights2film.com

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For information about fencing in our Burbank studio or any of our other programs, call or email us.

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Email: office@swordplayla.com